Beginning to live in what God requires of us.

Micah 6:8  When do we learn that righteous living is learning to live God’s thing and not our own? We are more concerned with what we require of the Lord most times than we are with who it is that He requires us to be.

Let’s note that it’s not about the what – He doesn’t say you should do this or that, He says this is who God requires you to be. It’s who you are that determines what you do not the other way around. 

Sometimes we have a problem with God requiring of us. It sounds like a law, like legalism, I have to do this or that. To the Romans and Greeks, law was compliance – thou shalt do this. 

To the Jewish mind God’s requirement was freedom, because within the expectation was the way to please God. 

You were so happy to do the do’s you didn’t have time to worry about the don’ts especially when the do’s continues such promise of blessing.

For us as people who begin to step into the good life that God has for us we begin to learn that there isn’t God’s way and our way, we learn there is only God’s way. 

We either start living God’s thing and stop living our thing or we are just going to keep staying in NO-thing.

-Pastor Mark Broadbridge