There is NONE beside Him. The absolute Sovereignty of God. Isaiah 45: 1-6 beside me there is no other. 

Often our greatest challenge as Christians is we struggle in the things we submit to as having authority, influence and power over our lives. Today it’s not other Gods necessarily that trip us up, it’s when we make ourselves God, and we stand in front of who God needs to be that we have failed to let His sovereignty have it’s place in our life. Luke 24. 13- 16 outlines this message

Why do we fail to recognise the presence of the sovereignty of God that walks with us in the journey of life? Today I get sense that some of us need to open our eyes afresh to the presence of the King of kings that walks with us. We struggle to do life with Him, because we have let other things become king in the situations of life – worry can become king, fear, anger, resentment, hopelessness, drama, self… Anything that we allow to steal the place of God’s sovereignty in life robs us of realising our stand in life.

No one is Holy like the Lord, there is no one beside You; there is no rock like our God. 1 Sam 2:2

Our trust has to be absolutely in God, our faith has to be absolutely on God, our hope has to be absolutely toward God in who He is and what He says He will do. 

Romans 8 and 9 give us some effects of learning God is sovereign and having no other God beside Him.You learn God is God and His word is true, He will never fail you, no matter what comes your way. Romans 8: 37 despite anything, because He is beside us, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ.

You step aside from trying to be God in your own life. Rom 9:5b And He is God who rules over everything and is worthy of eternal praise. You begin to have awe of His sovereignty, it’s wow moment. 

If we stop and think about the sovereignty of God you have to be amazed that He gave you grace to save you. Rom 9:11 this proves that God chooses according to His own plan, not according to good or bad works. 

God’s sovereignty should make us see that the world we live in isn’t our home, it’s full of people who think that it is well between them and God because they are doing their own thing, being their own god. That’s not the culture where God is King. Romans 9:17 talks about those who boast that it is well between God and them. 

Knowing God’s sovereignty makes me certain He has a plan, He has a promise, He is prepared.         1 Cor 2:9 But as Scripture says: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.”  

I know that His sovereign will is that people get saved. Rom 9:16 I don’t get to choose who I think should be saved, otherwise we only want people like us in church, how boring would that be. God saves all kinds, from every race and nation under heaven, every tongue, every culture he rescues the lost, those who once were in darkness and now have stepped into the light. God in His sovereignty is a saving God.

It makes me sure that God will not disappoint me – Rom 9:33 

Beside Him there certainly is no other.

Pastor Mark Broadbridge