People will let your down

As inevitably people will

but God will never let you down

He will take you deeper still.

Will you be encouraged

By the truth of His Word

Taking it out to others

For it must be heard.

Step into the waters

let Him wash over you

let Him be ever closer

in all, you say and do.

It’s not easy to let go

and give God the time He requires

He promises to be with you

and fulfill your Godly desires.

You may have lost some-one

in your life that you held dear

in those times go deeper

as your Saviour comes near.

When life seems so hard

And progress is low

It’s in those times

That deeper you should go.

For it’s in the depths

Situations will change

God will overcome with you

your life will be rearranged.

Life is meant to be lived

out in the deep

held afloat by the Saviour

so take that faith-filled leap.

~ Michelle Simmons