Psalm 51:10: Create in me a clean heart O Lord and renew a right spirit within me.

The key to changing a wrong spirit is a repentance of the heart. For years I battled with a spirit of negativity. It still comes out. I could bind and loosen all I want. Yes, that helps. I could rebuke all I want. Yes, that helps. I could declare all I want. But what was I really doing to help the situation? What was my part in this? Ever heard God helps those who help themselves? Well, where is that in the Bible? My bible says we are to help others. My bible reads God is a Father to the defenseless and saves those crushed in spirit. If He crushed the spirit, wouldn’t that be nice. He could. In a way those words are true. God will help you if you help yourself. He could renew your mind and do it all for you. Or, you could help yourself, get up   and read the Word, feeding your spirit, driving out the wrong spirit. He could direct your paths… but only if you open your mouth and pray, “Your will be done.” He could make you obedient to Him, but your effort is needed. You need to receive, believe and do. He could bring change to your mind, heart, attitude, body, situation, but you need to co-operate. Time with God and time spent serving God is time well designated and will serve you and others in the long run.

Annie Short