When you have lost sight of hope, lost all sense of your identity, and have experienced so much pain and hurt and turmoil, you feel like – “God, I just can’t.”

“God, I’ve lost sight of everything, nothing good will surely come out of this.”

You can lose direction in your life, feel worthless, like your situation is just as hopeless. That’s when you dry your tears and remember who’s there. Pick up your Bible. He will speak to you through it. You could get lost in its living and active pages.

If you are hurting, in it is healing and the Healer.

If you are lacking, in it is provision and the Provider.

If you’re suffering, in it is the cross where the ultimate suffering took place for you and the One who hung on the cross is the mountain shifter.

In the Bible, you will see God actually has eyelids. If you really think about this, the fact God has eyelids, as Psalm 11:4 says means He is watching over you. And He is observing you as closely and distinctly as anyone ever has. It’s not just a glance. It’s a deep penetrating gaze. He’s the God who sees you. Genesis 16:13

The Jesus of the Bible who suffered so abysmally yet rose again in victory sees into your heart, looks to your struggles.

Look deep into the Word and don’t forget to speak to Him about it. In doing this, you are deepening the relationship and shifting your focus off of ugly situations and placing it onto beautiful Jesus. He is our ever present help in time of need. Psalm 46:1

Annie Short